How to Eliminate Your Medical Bills

How to Eliminate Medical Bills
This page was originally published February 2, 2023 and updated June 5, 2024.

Medical debt can quickly become a long-term, overwhelming burden for anyone in the USA, and it is especially true for those diagnosed with cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society’s Costs of Cancer Survivorship 2022 found that a cancer diagnosis can significantly impact the financial well-being of the patient’s entire family for decades.

But there are ways to reduce or even eliminate the high costs of medical care. Free financial assistance programs are available directly from hospitals and treatment centers to patients in the USA who are struggling with this crushing debt. Let’s dive into what financial assistance programs are available, who qualifies for them, and how to get the help you need today for free. ❤️

What Financial Assistance is Available?

Most hospitals and treatment centers offer some form of financial assistance. Sadly, though, you’ll have to ask for this financial help directly; it usually is not offered unless you call the billing department and specifically ask what programs are available to you.  For example, all nonprofit healthcare providers must offer something called charity care. Charity care completely eliminates medical debt for lower and middle-income earners. It is a little-known program that is rarely used. However, every nonprofit hospital and medical center in the USA has to have a charity care program in order to maintain their tax-exemption with the IRS.

If you qualify for charity care (or other financial assistance), your hospital or health care provider wipes away all or part of your unpaid medical bills due to financial hardship. The amount of debt eliminated depends on the amount of money you earn and the hospital or health care provider’s financial assistance policy. You can find out your hospital or treatment facility’s specific financial assistance policy by calling your billing department directly and asking.

Who Qualifies for Financial Assistance?

To qualify for financial assistance (including charity care), you must meet certain criteria set out by the hospital or treatment center. Typically, this means your income must be at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). For example, in 2023 and using the chart below, a family of four can earn up to $90,000 per year and still qualify for financial help. But remember, you have to ask the billing department directly for financial assistance. It won’t just be offered to you.

FPL 2023

Hawaii and Alaska have even higher limits. You can check out those Federal Poverty Level guidelines here. The FPL adjusts every year. Click this link provided for current limits.

How Julia Got Her Medical Debt Eliminated

Julia is a perfect example of someone who recently benefited from her hospital’s financial assistance program. Julia has two children and was diagnosed with cancer in 2021. Even though she has medical insurance, the resulting bills left her overwhelmed. As a single mother with an income of $60,000 per year, she was unable to make payments on her $50,000 in medical debt. She called her hospital billing department and asked about their financial assistance programs. She requested the written policy and an application be mailed to her. Her hospital charity program policy is to forgive 100% of medical debt for anyone making less than 300% of FPL. In 2023, her family of three would have to earn less than $74,380 per year to qualify. Since Julie earned $60,000 per year, she was eligible to eliminate 100% of the debt.  Julia sent in her completed application for medical debt elimination and was approved.

How To Ask For Help

Asking for help can seem daunting but it’s really very simple. And, it’s important to speak up because you usually won’t be offered financial assistance unless you do so. Most hospitals and treatment centers have financial counselors on staff who can walk you through the application process step-by-step over the phone and answer any questions you might have. While you are on the phone, ask the representative to send you the financial assistance policy in writing as well as an application so that you can take your time in reviewing it and completing the forms.

If the facility requires you submit your request for financial assistance in writing, just handwrite a note with your basic information such as your name, contact information, and that you are requesting a copy of the facility financial assistance policy and application form. The written policy is important because it will tell you the income requirements as well as how long you have to apply. Time is of the essence so don’t delay. You may be asked to provide proof of income.  Provide all necessary details with your completed application to streamline the process and ensure that you receive a prompt decision.

Get Professional Help for Free

As mentioned above, the billing department of your hospital or treatment center is a great place to start to request financial assistance with your medical bills. Your billing department can provide you with the specific financial assistance programs available to you. If you run in to road blocks, however, or need further assistance with the application process itself, nonprofit organizations like provides free services specifically tailored towards patients who can’t afford their medical bills. is a national nonprofit that provides financial assistance for cancer patients in the USA who are struggling with medical bills by helping to erase medical debt quickly and easily. Let’s take a closer look at how this organization works and how it can help you overcome the financial burden that very often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. provides specialized financial assistance for those who need it most—patients fighting high medical bills due to treatment costs. The organization provides free application assistance to remove medical debts on behalf of patients with financial need. Services are free to patients in the USA and provide anyone diagnosed with cancer much-needed relief from mounting medical debt.

The application process is simple and straightforward; all you need to do is fill out an online form and provide supporting documentation such as bank statements or tax forms proving your income level. Once your information has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a team of experts who will determine if you qualify for charity care based on the medical provider and your documented income. If you qualify, will work on your behalf to get your medical debt eliminated. offers a free online eligibility screener to get started. Simply enter in your information and provider information and you can see right away what help is available to you. Check it out here:

Dollar-For-Eliminated-Medical-Debt is designed to make life a little easier for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. No one should have to worry about money issues when dealing with cancer. helps alleviate the financial burden associated with your cancer treatments so that you can focus on what matters most—your health and well-being. If you or someone you know is battling cancer-related debt due to medical bills, consider applying for financial assistance from today. There is never a charge for their help.

Eliminate Your Medical Debt

As a cancer patient, you have enough to worry about without going into crippling debt to get the care you need. Financial burdens should be the very last thing on any patient’s mind. Thankfully, there are organizations like that can provide much needed assistance to get out from under the mountain of medical expenses. If you find yourself needing help reducing or even eliminating your medical bills after treatment, please take advantage of these free resources. It costs you nothing and can not only eliminate medical debt but also the enormous financial and stress burdens that accompany this horrible disease. You have enough to worry about; get the financial help you need today for free. Cancer Care News has hundreds more free resources for cancer patients in the USA. Please check out the link below for even more no-cost products, programs, and services. ❤️

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