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National Grant Programs 2023 Cancer Patients
This page was originally published January 6, 2023 and updated June 6, 2024.

We all know that living with cancer is expensive. In addition to the costs of treatment, there are often other associated costs, such as travel to and from appointments, lost wages due to missed work, and child care. For many of us, these costs can add up fast and can quickly overwhelm the monthly budget. Here, we will review national grant programs that can help ease the financial burden you are experiencing as a cancer patient in the USA.

In order to be eligible for a grant, most organizations require that you meet certain criteria. However, there are many organizations like these below that offer generous grants to those affected by cancer, and it is worth the effort to explore all options.  For even more free grant programs for cancer patients in the USA, visit our online national directory. Updated for 2023!  ❤️

Grants for All Cancer Patients in the USA

One Catalyst Foundation

One Catalyst Foundation provides grants to USA residents who are experiencing financial hardship related to a major medical crisis (including cancer). Eligibility is based on financial need and available funding. Documentation of medical diagnosis and finances are required. To apply, please complete the online form on their website here.

Bright Spot Network Grant

Bright Spot Network offers free annual grants up to $500 for cancer patients in the USA active treatment who are caring for at least one child age 6 and under.  Funds are available to cover things like living expenses, childcare, healthcare and more. To apply, please visit this page for the online application form.

Vital Options International Grant Program

The Selma Schimmel Vital Grant Program, by Vital Options International and its partner associations, awards monetary grants for food, housing, transportation, and other expenses to those facing significant financial hardship due to serious conditions including cancer. Grant awards vary based on financial need. To complete the online form for assistance, please visit this link on the Vital Options International website.

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Grants Just for Breast Cancer Patients

The PinkAid

The PinkAid Pink Purse grant program provides emergency funds of up to $500 for breast cancer patients in active treatment in the USA who need help with utility bills, phone bills, cable bills, transportation to/from treatment, car payments, and more. Applicant must earn less than 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. To apply for this grant program online, please visit this page on the PinkAid website.

The Angela Andrade Foundation Grant

The Angela Andrade Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that awards monetary grants of up to $1800 to metastatic breast cancer patients who are permanent residents of the USA. Awards are offered four times per year and are provided based on financial need and funding. To apply, please download and complete the request form on the Angela Andrade Foundation website here.

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Grants for Childhood/YA Cancer Patients

ACCF Financial Grant Programs

ACCF has three financial grant programs for families in the USA whose child is receiving cancer treatment in the USA with the goal of providing financial support to ease burdens in order to promote a focus on their children’s wellbeing instead. To apply, please visit this link.

Sparrow Clubs Grant Program

Sparrow Clubs Grant Program for patients in the USA who are 17 years old or under and whose family is facing financial difficulty due to treatment-related expenses.  Awards are based on need and can cover medical bills, insurance premiums, deductibles and prescriptions as well as household expenses like family travel costs, lodging, meals, and groceries. Please complete this form to request help.

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Grants Just for Colorectal Cancer Patients

The Lu Family Fund Grant

The Lu Family Fund Grant (administered by PALTOWN) provides financial assistance for Stage IV colorectal cancer patients in the USA to seek a second opinion with regard to care. Reimbursement up to $500 for related expenses including travel, lodging, and out-of-pocket care costs. Eligibility is based on financial need. To apply, please visit this page on the PALTOWN website and complete the online application.

The Kimberly Grant

The Kimberly Grant is a generous $2000 grant program in loving memory of Kim Troisi-Paton who passed away from colon cancer in 2007. This grant is designed to help children of a parent who has been diagnosed with this disease. Applications are reviewed quarterly (March, June, Sept. Dec.) To apply on behalf of a child you know who could benefit, please complete the online form here.

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Grants Just for Lymphoma/Leukemia Patients

Lymphoma Research Foundation Grant

Financial assistance program for those in active treatment for lymphoma with uncovered expenses including medical bills, transportation costs to get to and from treatment, housing and childcare costs. Eligibility based on financial need and is determined based on assets for family size. For current amounts and grant application, please contact the LRF Helpline at (800) 500-9976 or email to apply.

HeadStrong Foundation Grant

Grant program for blood cancer patients in the USA in active treatment with demonstrated financial need and need help covering essential expenses. To apply, please complete this form or email for help applying from a HeadStrong patient care specialist.

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Grants Just for Ovarian Cancer Patients

GYNCA Emergency Fund Grant

Nonmedical emergency grant program for ovarian cancer patients in the USA in active treatment. Lifetime maximum award of $500. This grant covers rental and utility assistance, auto repairs, lodging, and emergency home repairs and other urgent needs. To apply, please visit this link.

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Grants Just for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Project Purple Grant

National financial grant program for pancreatic cancer patients in the USA in active treatment or experiencing post-treatment complications. Grant awards cover medical and living expenses for those with documented financial need. Patients can request help once every 12 months. To apply, please visit the website and complete the application form for assistance.

National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Grant

Financial grant for pancreatic cancer patients throughout the USA with demonstrated financial need to cover out-of-pocket household expenses including rent, electricity, water, propane and other utilities. Applicant must earn less than 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify. Download the application here to apply.

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Grants Just for Prostate Cancer Patients

Healthwell Prostate Cancer Grant Fund

This fund provides grants to pay for prescription drugs and biologics used in the treatment of prostate cancer for prostate cancer patients in the USA who have Medicare Insurance. The maximum award is $8000.  Eligibility is based on need. Currently, income must be 500% of the Federal Poverty Level or less. To learn current eligibility guidelines and apply, please visit this link.

The PAN Foundation Grant Fund

The PAN Foundation is a national nonprofit that provides copay, deductible, and premium financial assistance for Medicare-insured prostate cancer patients in the USA who are in active treatment and income that falls at or below 500% of the Federal Poverty Level. Fund pays up to $6850 per year. To apply, please visit this link.

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Get More Financial Help

If you are struggling after a cancer diagnosis, grants can provide invaluable support. The funds provided from these grants can help reduce the burden of medical bills, living costs, and so much more. Nonprofits like the ones above provide financial assistance to help ease these enormous financial burdens placed on cancer patients. If you or someone you know is struggling with the cost of cancer treatment, please reach out to one of these organizations for help and visit our national directory of free grant programs for more financial help for cancer patients in the USA. ❤️

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