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Cancer Patients: Help with premiums, copays and deductibles.
This page was originally published January 9, 2018 and updated April 7, 2024.

Free Programs That Cover Premium, Copay, & Deductible Costs for All Cancer Patients

These agencies provide free help paying for therapies relating to cancer treatments. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and have out-of-pocket premium, copay and/or deductible expenses that are not covered by insurance and need assistance, the programs below can support you.  This free financial help for cancer patients is available throughout the USA and at no cost whatsoever. These national nonprofit organizations exist to help cancer patients and families with the financial burdens that often accompany this disease. Please visit the links below for the financial help you need today. While we’ve done our best to accurately summarize each program, please visit the specific links provided for more details and to apply.

Also, if you need prescription assistance, please visit the Free Prescriptions for Cancer Patients page for zero-cost help today. ❤️

If you spot an error in any of our listings please report it here so that we can make sure they are as up-to-date as possible.

The Assistance Fund Premiums Deductibles and Copays

The Assistance Fund

Main URL: Visit


The Assistance Fund is a national nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to cancer patients in the USA who have uncovered care-related expenses and meet income guidelines. Programs pay for copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket health-related expenses. To apply, please visit this link or call (855) 845-3663 to request a paper application.

Accessia Health Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

Accessia Health (Formerly Patient Services Incorporated)

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (800) 366-7741 (9:30-5:00 EST)


Accessia Health helps patients with premium, copay, infusion, and travel expenses related to cancer care. They have financial assistance programs for both insured and uninsured patients. To find out if a disease is covered and to access its specific application for assistance, please visit this page on the Accessia Health website.

PAn Foundation Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (866) 316-7263


Help for insured cancer patients who have high out-of-pocket expenses. Program eligibility is based on financial need. Patients must live and be receiving care in the USA. For specific diagnosis and medications covered, please visit this link. For a program application, visit this page on the PAN website or call (866) 316-7263 for assistance over the phone.

Good Days Financial Help for Cancer Patients

Good Days

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (877) 968-7233


Good Days is a national nonprofit organization that provides financial help for cancer patients who cannot afford the treatment and medication they need. Programs are available for insured and uninsured patients in the USA and eligibility is based on program funding and the patient’s financial need. For a list of cancers currently supported (this list changes throughout the year) please visit this link on their website.

healthwell foundation copay assistance for cancer patients

Healthwell Foundation

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (800) 675-8416


Financial help with many types of cancer including bladder, colorectal, melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and renal cell carcinoma. Assistance varies with the program and may include prescription copays, health insurance premiums, deductibles and coinsurance and travel costs. For application and eligibility information, please see this page.


PAF Co-Pay Relief Program

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (866) 512-3861 (English Only)


Financial assistance for prescription drug co-payments for qualified patients. This income-based program for US residents is sponsored by the Patient Advocate Foundation, a non-profit providing services to patients since 2004. Phone counselors are available to assist with the application process by calling (866) 512-3861. For more on eligibility and to submit an application for help, please visit this link.

CancerCare Copay Assistance for Cancer Patients

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (866) 552-6729


Financial assistance with co-payments for chemotherapy and targeted treatment drugs for certain cancer treatments. For a list of cancers for which funding is currently available, please visit the CancerCare Co-Pay Assistance page here. If your program isn’t open, CancerCare encourages you to reach out anyway for additional help and resources they may have for you. All programs are at zero cost.

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  1. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer and required a bone marrow transplant. Cancer is not only emotionally draining but also financially.
    HealthWell Foundation is probably the best I have come across.

  2. Thank you for your visit, Josephine! I am glad to hear your aunt got the help she needed. It is so important to provide these services for cancer patients!

  3. I am 53 years old and recently diagnosed with recurrent metastatic ovarian cancer. I was in remission nine years. Last April 2018 i was terminated from my job after 25 years in healthcare due to cognitive impairment with short term memory loss. I am on Social Security Disability. I have to drive almost 300 miles one way to get chemotherapy treatment. I am only insured on a Medicaid spend down of $1,800 a month. Are there any programs available to help me?

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