Special Wishes for Patients & Families

Free Wishes for Cancer Patients and Families
This page was originally published January 9, 2018 and updated September 25, 2022.

Free Wish-Granting Programs for Cancer Patients & Families

These agencies grant wishes to those facing a serious, life-threatening illness including cancer. From fully coordinated weddings to attending special sporting events, granted wishes are personalized to best make a person’s unique dream come true and all at no cost to the recipient.

Wish-fulfillment programs work hard to help people with advanced conditions like cancer make dreams come true and there is never a cost for this help from any of the programs below.

Program eligibility and funding for these free wish programs vary so please read through each program’s website carefully to find your best fit. Many of the agencies will require a referral from a physician so it’s best to discuss this with your doctor who can help with this process. We hope you find a perfect match for your needs here in the listings below.

We sincerely appreciate your help to keep our listings up to date. If you find errors, report them here.

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Fairy Foundation Wishes for Cancer Patients

Fairy Foundation

Main URL: Visit


An adult wish program to support those in the USA over 18 who’ve been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  This free wish program allows recipients to spend quality time with family and friends doing something they have always dreamed to help restore a sense of normalcy and create wonderful memories for the future. To apply, please visit this link: https://www.fairyfoundation.org/get-a-wish.

Free Movie Making for Cancer Patients Memories Live

Memories Live

Main URL: Visit


Helping those with serious life-threatening illness to preserve precious memories on film. This program is available nationwide. Working together with experienced filmmakers, patients and families can create a truly priceless heartfelt movie to keep and cherish for all time. To find out more and apply, please visit https://www.memorieslive.org/making-a-memory-movie.

Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation

Main URL: Visit
Phone: (888) 437-3267
Email: application@dreamfoundation.org


Provides wish-come-trues for people 18 and over in the US in end-of-life stage of disease who have been told they have a year or less to live. Wishes are personal to the recipient and focus on help that provides inspiration, comfort, and closure for patients and families. To apply for a wish for yourself or someone else, please visit http://www.dreamfoundation.org/how-to-apply.

Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of a Lifetime

Main URL: Visit
Email: info@wishofalifetime.org


Founded in 2008 by Jeremy Bloom in honor of his beloved grandmother Donna Wheeler. This program grants wishes to seniors over age 65 living in the USA to help achieve a long-held or deeply meaningful dream. For application and more information please visit https://wishofalifetime.org/application/.

Do it for the Love Music wishes for cancer patients

Do it for the Love

Main URL: Visit
Email: info@doitforthelove.org


Do it for the Love provides those living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans the chance to experience live concerts by their favorite artists. To learn more or nominate someone for this program visit https://www.doitforthelove.org/apply.

Stella’s Wish for cancer patients

Stella’s Wish

Main URL: Visit
Email: Don@stellaswish.org


Stella’s Wish is a non-profit agency in memory of the founder’s wife Stella who lost her battle to colon cancer in 2007. This program grants wishes to adults across the USA who have been diagnosed with a late-stage cancer. To request a wish, please visit https://www.stellaswish.org/submit-a-wish/.

Free Vacations and Day Trips for Cancer Patients and Families

Personalized Help

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  1. I have a tendency to lose hope in people but groups like these who seek nothing more than to make people smile or bring joy to their lives, I admire this and it restores my hope in humanity.

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