Welcome! We hope you find the site easy to navigate and locate resources quickly and easily to help you and your family ease the burdens of a cancer diagnosis. Here is a brief overview of where to find what on the CCN website.

Free Financial Help for Cancer Patients


Free Financial Help: These agencies may be able to help you with issues like household expenses, prescriptions, medical care and insurance costs.

  • Premiums, Copays & Deductibles: Help paying for drugs and therapies relating to cancer treatments.
  • Prescriptions: Free programs sponsored by drug companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations, and civic groups to help low-income and uninsured patients get free or low-cost brand name medications.
  • Fertility, Genetics & Other Medical: Medical service providers who offer care to cancer patients at no or reduced cost.
  • Mortgage, Utilities, & Legal: Agencies that help cancer patients and families with mortgage issues, rent payments, utilities, legal advice related to care, and free programs to file taxes.

Free Cancer Support Groups


Free Counseling: The free counseling services listed in this section provide help to cancer patients and their families on a wide range of issues including getting care, affording care, and getting emotional support.

  • Free Peer Support: One-to-one mentoring and support for anyone affected by cancer (including patients, families, and friends) by people who have similar life experience.
  • Free Pro Support: Free professional support and counseling services in person or by telephone for anyone affected by cancer. Services available include short-term counseling and emotional assistance.

More Cancer Freebies


More Cancer Freebies: This section includes everything from free grants and scholarships, to care packages, books and magazines. Some programs are only for cancer patients while others are for their children and other family members. You will find all the details in the links below.

  • Free Grants: Grants are money and goods that do not have to be paid back and are provided by that agencies below to help ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis.
  • Free Scholarships: Scholarships can be used for books, supplies and tuition and are available to help those diagnosed with cancer return to school.
  • Free Vacations & Day Trips: Provide cancer patients and their families with time away from doctor appointments, therapy and the every-day stresses of life.
  • Special Wishes: Agencies that arrange wishes at no cost to those facing serious, life-threatening illness.
  • Free Transportation & Housing: The agencies listed here provide treatment transportation services and housing for those who need cancer care away from home.
  • Free Medical Equipment: Free medical equipment and prosthetics programs to help ease the life of a cancer patient.
  • Free Food, Fitness & Nutrition: From expert nutrition advice to yoga, these free programs are designed to improve health and well being.
  • Free Hats, Wigs & Scarves: Free wigs, wraps, and hats for patients who experience hair loss due to cancer treatments.
  • Free Care Packages: Thoughtfully prepared care packages that arrive in the mail and let us know we are not alone in this cancer journey.
  • Free Books, Magazines and Organizers: Free subscriptions to cancer journals, books, and magazines as well as books to read just for fun.

The CCN Blog

Free Help for Cancer Patients

The Cancer Care News Blog: On the blog we share breaking news on cancer treatments and clinical trials as well as healthy living tips and posts from experts in the medical community.

We know the site has a lot of information–over 350 free programs and we’re adding to the list every day. We want you to be able to locate the resources you need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

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