April is National Cancer Control Month

National Cancer Control Month Free Resources April 2018

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2018, a half million Americans will lose their lives to cancer, and 1.5 million will be diagnosed with this terrible disease.

April 2018 is National Cancer Control Month. When the President designated April as National Cancer Control Month, he wrote:

“Our Nation is committed to winning the fight against cancer. Throughout April, we promote methods to combat cancer and we recognize the thousands of medical professionals, public health advocates, scientific researchers, innovative companies, and family members and friends who treat, find cures for, and support those suffering from all forms of cancer. My Administration will continue to work with the Congress to implement the 21st Century Cures Act and clear the way for enormous breakthroughs in medical science. Cutting-edge research can transform cancer treatment, so that it is more effective, less toxic, and less debilitating. Together, we will make possible the medical advances necessary to prevent, treat, and defeat this disease.”

Please help us spread the word about free screening programs below:

Free Breast and Cervical Screenings:


Free Colon Cancer Screenings:


Free Prostate Screenings:


Studies like this one from the National Cancer Institute demonstrate that smart lifestyle choices and screening are our best defenses against certain cancers. From these and other important research programs, we now know that we can reduce our risk of this disease by maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, limiting sun exposure, and reducing or eliminating our use of alcohol and tobacco products. Screenings are also critically important because they allow doctors to detect disease early when treatment is the least invasive and a cure is possible.

National Cancer Control Month puts a much-needed spotlight on cancer education, research and advances with a goal towards eradicating this terrible disease with “patients lifted up by the promise of remission, parents blessed with the chance to watch their children grow up [and] young people confident that a diagnosis cannot put a limit to their dreams.”

If you (or someone you know) has been diagnosed with cancer and needs help paying for treatment or other out of pocket expenses, please know assistance is available for free. For no cost financial programs for cancer patients, click the link for programs and services that can help you today.

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