Gifts for Patients with Cancer

Gifts for Patients with Cancer sm
This page was originally published January 13, 2023 and updated May 22, 2024.

There’s no doubt about it: a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and emotionally draining. While it may not be possible to take away the pain and stress of what someone is going through, you may find yourself wondering how you can help. One way to show your care and support is through a thoughtful gift of time or even a little care package to let them know you are thinking of them and supporting them through this difficult journey.

Simple Tips for Gift-Giving

What types of gifts should you give someone who is dealing with a cancer diagnosis and all of the chaos that follows? Here are three simple tips to keep in mind when deciding on the perfect cancer patient gift.

Remember That Everyone Is Different

When selecting gifts for someone dealing with cancer, keep in mind that everyone has a unique situation. Depending on their personality, lifestyle, and preferences, certain gifts may be more useful than others. When choosing something special, think about the person’s interests and hobbies and select something that will bring them joy during such a difficult time.

Keep it Simple

If you don’t know exactly what type of gift or item would be best suited for your friend or family member, always opt for something simple yet useful. Gifts for cancer patients do not have to be complicated. It truly is the thought that counts.  Think of items that alleviate some of the enormous stress that every patient faces. Meal delivery, housecleaning services, and offering to do errands are usually very well-received ideas. 

When in Doubt, Choose Comfort

Comfort items like cozy blankets, sleepwear sets, slippers, pajamas or scarves can help make days spent at home more soothing and relaxing. Other practical items such as hats with UPF protection (which shields against sunburns), cooling neck wraps (that provide relief from hot flashes due to chemotherapy), travel mugs (to keep drinks warm during long doctor visits) or comfy pillows (for added comfort during rest) make great gifts, too.

Free Gifts for Patients with Cancer   

Many organizations across the USA provide free gifts and care packages to help ease some of the burden. These packages are designed to provide comfort, hope, and resources to those going through their cancer journey. Here is a look at some of these incredible organizations and the amazing work they do. These five free gift programs are open to all cancer patients in the USA regardless of income or cancer type. Proof of diagnosis may be required. For more national programs, please visit our directory. ❤️

1. FSM Care Package

Faith Support Ministry provides free comfort care package to cancer patients in the USA in active treatment. Verification of diagnosis and treatment will be required. This thoughtful care kit includes monogrammed blanket and inspirational CD designed to uplift and encourage. In additional, requestors will receive compassionate support through the online ministry. To request your care kit, please complete the FSM online form here on the website.

2. UCSF Comfort Care Package

UCSF provides free, personalized care packages for cancer patients in the USA in active treatment to support and provide relaxation and comfort during this difficult time. Free care packages are available for adults and children. Proof of diagnosis will be required. To request your free comfort care package, please complete the online application form here on the UCSF website.

3. Courage for the Soul Head Scarves

Courage for the Soul is a nonprofit that provides cancer patients in the USA who are experiencing hair loss while in active treatment with a lovely free head scarf upon request. This program is designed to uplift and support those in active treatment. To request your free head scarf, please complete this form on the Courage for the Soul website.

4. Cancer Relief Foundation Care Package

This teen-led organization works hard to bring thoughtful care packages to adult cancer patients in the USA. Each care package includes items specifically chosen to match the recipient’s interests as well as a handwritten letter to offer hope and encouragement. To request your free care package, please use this link and choose the Adult Cancer Care Package option to complete the request form online.

5. Hallie Strong Care Packages

In loving memory of the daughter they lost, the founders of Hallie Strong know exactly how hard cancer can be because they’ve been through it. In honor of Hallie, they would love to provide comfort during chemo with some lovely fun socks to keep warm. If you are in treatment for any type of cancer, please request your free care package here.

More Free Gifts for Patients with Cancer

Organizations like the ones above provide gifts for patients with cancer that will make this journey easier both emotionally and financially. These national nonprofits offer free gifts and care packages specifically tailored towards helping make life just a little bit easier during this difficult time – something every cancer patient deserves. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer – reach out and show your support by connecting them with one of these great organizations today. For more gifts for cancer patients in the USA, visit the link for our directory of updated programs all new for 2023. ❤️

Free Care Packages for Cancer Patients and Families

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