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This page was originally published March 17, 2023 and updated May 18, 2024.

Free assistance for cancer patients? Yes! These national nonprofit organizations help cancer patients and families across the USA all at zero cost. From grants to medical care, housing, and travel, hundreds of programs stand ready to provide the financial assistance you need today.

We all know a cancer diagnosis turns a person’s world upside down. In addition to the physical and emotional tolls, the financial burden can be overwhelming – even if you have insurance. According to a recent study by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the average cost of cancer treatment in the United States is over $140,000. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you are probably wondering how you will cover the costs that insurance doesn’t pay.

There are many non-profit organizations and government agencies that provide this financial assistance to cancer patients and their families who live in the USA. This blog post will provide some resources available to you right now and all for free. Be sure to check out these no-cost programs for cancer patients and families here in our national directory for hundreds more. These is never a cost for this help. Cancer treatment is expensive, but please know there are national nonprofits that stand ready to help you to ease the financial burden today. ❤️

Help Paying for Insurance Premiums

Accessia Health helps patients with premium, copay, infusion, and travel expenses related to cancer care. They have financial assistance programs for both insured and uninsured patients. To find out if a disease is covered and to access its specific application for assistance, visit the Accessia Health program page here.

Help Paying for Insurance Deductibles

The PAN Foundation provides no-cost help for insured cancer patients who have high out-of-pocket expenses. Program eligibility is based on financial need. Patients must live and be receiving care in the US. For specific diagnosis and medications covered visit the PAN Foundation website here. For a program application, please see this link.

Help Paying for Insurance Co-Pays

The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) provides financial assistance for prescription drug co-payments for qualified patients. This income-based program for US residents is sponsored by PAF, a non-profit providing services to patients since 2004. Phone counselors are available to assist with the application process by calling (866) 512-3861. For more on eligibility and to submit an application online for help, please visit this page.

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Free Grants for Cancer Patients

The Dollars Allocated to Assist (DATA) Grant Program accepts applications year round for financial assistance and is available to anyone in the USA in current cancer treatment. To apply, click this link and head to the bottom of the page for the Dollars Allocated to Assist (DATA) application download here. Completed applications can be emailed back to COC using the email address provided on the application form.

❤️ All national grant programs for cancer patients and families in the USA.

Free Medical Care

The Healing Curve helps cancer patients with financial support to obtain no-cost reconstructive surgeries to restore physical appearance, improve emotional well-being, and aid in the full and complete recovery after a cancer diagnosis. What started as a service for breast cancer reconstruction has expanded to offer services for all cancer patients nationwide who qualify. To learn more about this free reconstructive program, please visit this link.

Livestrong Fertility assists both men and women who’ve been diagnosed with cancer understand fertility risks and options and get fertility preservation discounts. They also provide free fertility medications for women. Eligibility is based on financial need. Livestrong has a network of over 650 fertility clinics and sperm banks nationwide. To find a participating clinic or bank near you, visit this page or call toll-free (855) 844-7777 for help over the phone.

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Free Housing for Cancer Patients

Joe’s House is a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families find a free place to stay when traveling away from home for cancer treatment. Housing is available nationwide. To locate lodging in a particular area, please visit the Joe’s House search page here.

Healthcare Hospitality Network offers free lodging for families traveling away from home for cancer treatment. This program has over 200 homes in its nationwide network. For more information, please visit their lodging database here

Free Travel Programs for Cancer Patients

Southwest Airlines provides free round-trip tickets directly to nonprofit hospitals and medical transportation organizations to allow patients to travel for treatment at no cost. Please contact your oncology social worker at your treatment center if you need to travel for specialized lifesaving or life-changing medical care or visit this link to locate your hospital program from the Southwest list.

Lifeline Pilots Transportation Program provides free air transportation for medical needs such as diagnosis, on-going treatments, follow-up care for cancer patients in the USA who cannot afford air fare and whose health prevents travel by other means. To request assistance, please visit this link or call the number above to speak with a flight coordinator directly.

❤️ All zero-cost national housing and travel programs for cancer patients.

More Financial Help for Cancer Patients in the USA

No one expects to hear the news that they have cancer. It is a life-altering diagnosis that can leave patients and families feeling scared, alone, and overwhelmed. In addition to the emotional toll cancer can take, it can also be very challenging financially. But please take heart. There are a number of national organizations that offer financial assistance to cancer patients and families from grants to housing help and more.  These programs provide the much-needed financial assistance to cancer patients and their families all at zero cost. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, please reach out to the nonprofit agencies and programs above and get the help you and your family need today. Hundreds more resources are available here in our national directory of free financial help for cancer patients in the USA. ❤️

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