Free Wigs for Cancer Patients: National No-Cost Programs Available Now

national programs that offer free wigs for cancer patients

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

[Updated April 13, 2022] For some cancer patients, hair loss is a real, and very frustrating, aspect of treatment. It is far from a superficial concern; many organizations understand this and work hard to provide this support during such a trying time. The non-profit programs below provide free wigs for cancer patients and these services are always available to all free of charge. For more programs, please check out our national directory here:

1. The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is a free wig program for women, teenagers and children who experience hair loss due to cancer treatments. Wig fittings, caps, cut & style are all provided completely free of charge. To request your free wig and associated services, please visit or email

2. The Verma Foundation

The Verma Foundation offers free cap wigs, stylish caps with real human hair already attached. These caps can be tailored to patient preference as to both cap and hair color. To apply for this free cap and wig program, you will fill out an application and your doctor will submit a note about your diagnosis and verify your medical need. For the free online application, please visit

3. Lolly’s Locks

Lolly’s Locks provides high-quality wigs to cancer patients over 18 who have lost hair due to cancer treatment. Eligibility is based on financial need. To view current program availability and submit an application, visit

4. Friends Are by Your Side

The Friends Are by Your Side program provides free wigs for both kids and adults through various salons throughout the world. Online search form for the participating salon near you:

National Directory of Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

While hair loss can be a really exasperating, what-else-do-I-have-to-deal-with side effect of treatment, programs like these can help a bit to ease the burden of this frustrating aspect of a cancer diagnosis. Please visit our national Free Wigs for Cancer Patients directory here for an updated list of all providers.

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  1. These links are a godsend for my sister who is fighting breast cancer right now. Thank you so much for all you do to help!

    • Hi Angelina! Thank you for your kind words and we are so happy to hear CCN has been helpful. All the best to you and your sister.

    • That is wonderful, Jessie! We are glad you find a helpful resource here. Thank you for your visit as well as your nice words about the site.

  2. I love that there are companies out there that help with items like this. It is hard enough going through treatment, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for things like this. I am saving this page and will share it with everyone I know.

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