Three Free Navigator Programs for Cancer Patients

Free cancer patient navigators
This page was originally published January 29, 2018 and updated June 6, 2024.

Professional Help for Cancer Patients

Learning you have cancer can be an overwhelming experience, and often it can feel confusing and isolating, too. It doesn’t have to be, though. Professionals are available and will help you for free.

Studies show that patients do better when they have an advocate –an expert to offer guidance through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. But some patients do not have a champion working on their behalf and, consequently, may not experience the same level of access to quality health care.

If you lack the resources or energy to properly navigate the process, you can get free help today. Agencies like the American Cancer Society, working in tandem with doctors and other health professionals, have refined a robust support system for patients undergoing cancer treatment. It’s called patient navigation and it’s completely free for cancer patients and families.

Here are three free patient navigation programs that can get you the help you need:


Free professional counseling services by licensed social workers who specialize in cancer issues and can help you manage all aspects of the disease from treatment issues to improving communication with family. For more on this comprehensive free professional patient navigation program, visit the CancerCare website at Help is also available by phone at (800) 813‑4673 or email

The American Cancer Society (ACS)

The ACS Patient Navigator program connects you with a cancer care expert who works with you one-on-one to resolve access-to-care, workplace, and financial issues. He or she will be your professional advocate to help you overcome these challenges and many more. Call (800) 227-2345 to get the help you need today for free.


Through the Livestrong program, you will be matched for free with a personal cancer navigator. Your navigator will provide emotional support and help you with financial/insurance problems, fertility issues, concerns with care and treatment, locating clinical trials, and much more. Visit to complete your navigation request.

Get More Help

Over the years, access to effective diagnosis and treatment options has markedly improved for many with this disease. But the truth is that these benefits are not equally shared by all people. If you’ve been diagnosed, you do not have to go through this journey alone. There are knowledgeable professionals who can help you for free. Check out the links above for more. We also have additional patient advocates profiled here in our free professional help for cancer patients.

Free professional counseling and support for cancer patients

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  1. I have personally contacted Livestrong for my aunt and I can vouch for the quality of service they provide. The wait list is long, yes, but it only means that we need to donate more to such organizations.

    • Livestrong is awesome! And you made a very good point. Most of these agencies rely on our donations to make it work. We always stress that if you’re in a position to donate, even just a few dollars, it can really mean a great deal to someone down the road.

  2. Cancers survivors, like many I work with, need support emotionally, physically and financially. Thank you for your great links to help!

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