Gift Idea for Cancer Patients: Fresh Food Delivered Right to the Door

healthy meals delivered to your door
This page was originally published January 7, 2018 and updated July 8, 2024.

If you’re preparing foods for someone facing cancer you may want to forget the pizza, burger, and fries and instead focus on farm-to-table meats and fresh, seasonal produce according to research. According to the Cancer Nutrition Consortium, a two-year survey of cancer patients found that they preferred water, fruit juice, chicken, pasta, and stew as opposed to less healthy options.

1,203 patients were surveyed in the research, chosen from the world’s leading cancer treatment centers, and the results showed the more than 40% of patients developed a more sensitive palate after starting treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Approximately 52% of respondents said they did not easy greasy or fried foods while 44% said they were avoiding spicy foods with nearly a third claiming they avoided acidic foods like grapefruit. The vast majority of patients responding said they avoided these foods out of “intolerance” while others did so on doctor’s order.

69% preferred some kind of fruit or vegetable, approximately 60% favored soups and poultry, and more than half said they liked pasta and fish. It was also noted that patients tend to shy away from alcohol like beer and wine as well as soda, preferring water and fruit juices instead.

Kathy McManus, director of nutrition at Dana-Farber said: “Typically the patients ran for the healthier foods. But there were exceptions, and it is important to keep in mind that it is not one size fits all.”

The research concludes that caregivers should tailor menus to specific patient preferences and the Cancer Nutrition Consortium hopes to compile recipes compliant with the research findings.

A wide variety of options exist to help make sure patients get access to good food during treatment. From grocery delivery to meals delivered right to the front door, if you want a quick and easy way to make meal time a snap, check out these resources:

Safeway Grocery Delivery

Safeway delivers groceries in many states

Safeway offers grocery delivery services to many areas of the country. You can access their online site to order groceries here: They offer flexible delivery times as well as a ton of promotions to keep you coming back for more food. The selection is vast and mimics what you would find in stores. You can sign up for an account and browse for free. Of course, you will need to make sure that Safeway delivers to the area in which you live, but if it’s available, it’s a pretty convenient way to stock the cupboard. Currently, Safeway delivers in the following areas: Arizona, California, District Of Columbia, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia and Washington.

Use Coupon 25FREE & Get $25 Off and Free Delivery on your first order at

Green Chef Ingredient Kits

Green Chef ingredient delivery

Green Chef delivers ingredients straight to your door for quick and easy preparation. You don’t have to do much beyond choose a menu and the rest will be handled by Green Chef. The service prides itself on offering a wide range of healthy, organic options and its users praise the meals for their ease of preparation and delicious taste. Green Chef is ideal for those who struggle with the planning stage or having the right ingredients on hand to whip up a meal quick. You can find out more about Green Chef here at this website:

Use code bdwxpw and get four free meals and free shipping with your first order with Green Chef.

Munchery Meal Delivery

Munchery meal delivery

If you don’t want to deal with the prep work, there’s Munchery, which does everything Green Chef does plus actually cook the meal for you, you only need to reheat it. This meal option might be perfect as a supplementary service or for those patients who cannot prepare their meals for one reason or another. You can find out more about Munchery here:

Use code BEHZEDJG for $20 off your first order with Munchery.

Amazon EBT Program


The Amazon EBT program provides a vast selection of grocery items that patients can conveniently order online. These range from fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, to pantry staples such as cereals, pasta, and canned goods. Additionally, specialty dietary needs can also be addressed with gluten-free, vegan, and organic options available. There are also a variety of pre-packaged meals and snacks for those days when cooking may feel like a task too heavy to handle. It’s all about easing the burden and making daily life a little more manageable for those battling cancer. For more on EBT and applying for services, please see our post The Snap Program: Free Groceries Delivered to your Door.

When you’re going through cancer treatments, you often have difficulty eating and this only exacerbates the weight loss and fatigue that is associated with this disease. Creating menus filled with dishes that people want to eat is one step towards staving off these negative side effects. The grocery, ingredient, and meal delivery services above can help you with that. If you know someone in the middle of treatment, consider a gift card to one of these services to allow them to get good, nutritious meals on the table quickly and easily.

Free Financial Programs for Cancer Patients

Also, let them know about the free financial resources for cancer patients on the CCN website that help pay for the costs of care, insurance-related expenses, prescriptions and more.

Free Financial Medical Legal Help for Cancer Patients

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